Castor Oil - PP

Castor oil PP is Castor oil bleached to British Standard Specification. It is Yellow viscous liquid free from suspended matter and insoluble in water.

Castor Oil - PP
Characteristics Range Test method
Appearance Pale Yellow Visual
Lovibond Color (1” cell) 2.0Y+0.1R Max AOCS Cc-13b-45 (97)
Acid Value 1.0 Max AOCS cc 5a-40(97)
Specific Gravity @ 20 c 0.954 to 0.967 BIS
Iodine value 82 to 90 IS548 (part-1) 1964
Hydroxyl Value 160 Min AOCS cd 13-60(97)
Specification Value 177-185 AOCS cd 3-25(97)
Moisture Volatiles 0.25% Max AOCSca 2c-25(97)

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