Dehydrated Castor Oil Fatty Acid

DCO Fatty Acid is used in the manufacture of alkyd resins for paint, surface coating, printing inks & polyamides.Arvalli Castor Derivatives Private Limited is manufacturing and supplying of Dehydrated Castor Oil Fatty Acid

Dehydrated Castor Oil Fatty Acid
Appearance Water White to Pale Yellow Liquid
Lovibond Color Gardner 2 G MAX
Acid Value 195-205
Specific Gravity @ 20 c 0.903 to 0.905
Iodine Value 130 MIN
Hydroxyl Value 8 MAX
Saponification Value 198-208
REFRACTIVE INDEX@ 25 Deg C 1.473 -1.477
Moisture Content Max 0.20
Sat.Fatty Acid % Max 4.5%
UnSat Fatty Acid %Minimum 90%
Major Fatty Acid Conjugated Linoleic
Major Fatty Acid % Min 60%
  • Bulk Tankers,Stainless Steel Drums,ISO Tank,Flexitank,HDPE Cosed Head Drums 190 Kgs Net.

Fast Drying Alkyde Resin.