Methyl Ricinolate (M R)

  • CAS NO : 141-24-2
  • Synonym : methyl (Z,12R)-12-hydroxyoctadec-9-enoate
  • Chemical Formula : C19H36O3

Methyl Ricinolate (M R)
Characteristics Range
Appearance Clear Bright low viscosity fluid
Appearance Crystals may form in small amounts if left to stand in cold temp but re dissolve in warming
Acid value 5.0 max.
Pour Point (-)288 Deg C
Colour G 5 G Max
Hydroxyl value 160 min
Saponification value 175-182
Flash Point 215 Deg C
Specific Gravity 0.918 -0.926 @ 25 Deg C
  • In Mild Steel,Plastic Drums and Loose in ISO Tank.

Adhesives,Coatings and sealants chemicals-Acidulants-Emuslifiers, Personal Care- Cosmetic Ingredients.